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Perryville, located in Perry County, Missouri, is a historically rich town situated near the Mississippi River.  With its rich German farming heritage and many wonderful places to shoot, Perryville can help you make your $500,000 budget look like a $5,000,000 budget—a producer's dream come true.​

Caves, forests, lakes, rivers, industrial parks, historic buildings, town square, farms and barns, parks and residentials, bars, restaurants, and shops, and filming resources...make Perryville a great place to shoot.

"I have to say that I have shot on locations the world over, and never have I ever seen an entire town so happy to see you.  The Mayor, the City Administrator, the Tourism Director...are wonderful and helpful people.  What a difference it makes shooting where everyone has your back."

               -thomas smugala producer/director

"Normally, when you say you have a low-budget production, the doors slam.  Perryville and the City are just the opposite—they welcome low-budget productions.  They even waived all permits and fees to help us out. And Trish, the tourism director, helped us find all of our locations at no cost.  All I can say is WOW!  Yes, we love Perryville."

               -aj koehler producer

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the perfect main street

"Perryville as a shooting location…it is fantastic!

Coming from a Hollywood perspective, Perryville is where nature seems to smile all over the place.  Surrounded by miles and miles of lush green hills and fertile fields, Perryville is a perfect unsoiled canvas—a filmmaker’s dream location.

From the open country to a vibrant downtown, the air is crisp and clean, and the people are friendly and helpful.

Comparable to a major studio backlot, Perryville Square is home to the landmark Perry County Courthouse, which exhibits a classic clock tower that rivals the iconic model featured in the blockbuster movie Back To The Future, set in 1950.

Yes, every city has its gems, and The Urban Lofts twinkle for Perryville.  The Urban Lofts showcase upscale living on the Square and make fantastic, easy-access, main talent housing.  Posh eateries and shops line the square, and they, too, make great filming locations.  It’s the best of old and new.  

The people, the places, the planning… all amazing!  It’s like an oyster packed with pearls, opening the door to a rich history.  One of these pearls is The Faherty House Museum, built in the early 1800s.  It is a time capsule that would make any director’s cut.  

Perryville is an ideal backdrop for your production."


                                             -mary michelle producer

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The City of Perryville is a film-friendly place, and we encourage filmmakers to utilize our spectacular array of locations in their projects.

Dirt road - The Spring
Urban Lofts Set - Two Heads

we understand the needs of a low budget production

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